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Snowshoe Lake is part of the Bird River system. With rapids at both ends, this 7 mile stretch of slow moving watershed has some of the finest Walleye and Northern Pike real estate in Ontario. Plenty of rugged underwater structures that reach down as far as 70 ft. allows anglers of all levels a chance for some great fishing action.

The two predominat species of the lake are Walleye and Northern Pike. In the Spring, the Walleye are found in the fast moving water or shallow bays. TIP:... experience has taught me that using a jig and minnow or smaller "shad-rap" type plugs and casted away from the boat works best.

As summer approaches and the water warms up, the Walleye head for cooler depths and tend to school on the sunken islands, humps and other variations of step down structure. The schools of fish tend to be larger and more concentrated and when "the bite is turned on" it can be non stop fast action. TIP:... jigs or Lindy rigs tipped with a minnow, leech or worms work great here !!

Northern Pike, the lakes largest predator, are numerous and most agressive in the Spring and Fall when the water is coldest. During this time, large pike can be caught consistently using shallow water plugs, bucktails and large spoons. As the water warms, the pike search out the cooler thermoclines and feed predominately on the Whitefish, Ciscos and Walleye. TIP:... at this time of the year, trolling deep diving plugs and spoons around reefs and points where water drops off quickly is most effective

To get you out there, the camp is equipped with 14 and 16 ft. Lund boats with 9.9 hp. Yamaha engines. We recommend 2 fisherman per boat and the boats each have 2 swivel seats, life jackets, paddles, landing nets and unlimited gasoline.

CATCH & RELEASE .... While your staying with us at Snowshoe Lake we ask you to practice "catch and release" fishing. Enjoy eating the smaller fish during your trip while ther're still fresh but refrain from freezing any to take home. This will ensure great fishing for generations to come. And for the once in a lifetime trophy the advent of the replica mount allows you to have that fish on the wall at home. So take lots of pictures and handle and release the fish with care.    tips on releasing

Outfitters with camps in this area have joined together and created The Trophy Waters Managment Area. In creating this area our goal is to provide a quality angling experience by managing the natural fish stocks through a conservative havest. We are now in our third year and the results speak for themselves..... the fishing has never been better.
A conservation licence is all you need here as the limits have been reduced to 2 fish and catch and release is encouraged. To monitor our program we've created a trophy angler award system. For every walleye over 27 inches or northern pike over 38 inches the angler that caught and released the fish is awarded a certificate and a Tophy Waters hat plus his name is entered in the annual brochure and web site.
And the biggest fish of each species for the season wins a free trip next year for 4 people. All nice perks for fishing in the Trophy Waters Area but the best perk of all is knowing that the fishing will be as great as you've been hoping for.
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